Friday, November 10, 2006

Space Cadet Geoff

I feel like a total space cadet this morning... It's just one of those days where I don't really have my head together at all. Last night I was podcasting with Devon, it was a really good episode I think (ep033), check it out if you get a chance. But so anyhow, as always when we podcast I was drinking. And I accidentally got a bit drunk. but it really wasn't my fault. I was at the store with Devon and I decided that I wanted something other than just beer, so I was looking for one of those pre-mixed cocktails. You know, like a Jack and coke in a can or whatnot, but they didn't have any at the Safeway. Instead, all I had to choose from was the cooler section :( So I figured on a compromise and got one of those big bottles of Mike's Hard Lemonade, which is probably the most manly of girly drinks so at least I can live with myself.

Cut to like 45 minutes later and I'm about 2/3s of the way through the bottle. Oh the bottle is 1 pint, like 9.5 fluid ounces in size. So I'm like 2/3s through and I realize wow, this is kind of really hitting me, seems a bit much. And I finally actually read what the bottle says. It was a CONCENTRATE! D'oh! It was supposed to make 8 drinks! and I'd just tossed back most of it over the course of 10 minutes. So as you might imagine I had an interesting podcast after that...

Good times... good time... so this morning I haven't really got much together yet. Just trying to keep my head straight. Oh, but some awesome news. Yesterday I got my Threadless shirts in the mail. Remember I mentioned them back a few posts ago. They are a great store. So I'm wearing my Strangers with Candy shirt today, even though its probably not dressy enough for work. That's ok, it's Friday. Woot for the weekend. :)

Back in a bit with my thoughts on the new Spidey trailer.

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