Thursday, November 09, 2006

Not to backpedel but...

Well I might've been a bit too easily excitable when I was telling you last week about the awesome news that I heard about Heroes, and who would be playing the shadowy character of Syler in upcoming episodes. Because while nothing has been confirmed or denied as of yet, I'm worried I might've jumped the gun on the casting news, and I don't want to be that guy who is feeding you bad information.

I'd rather not say which actor I announced as playing the part again, because at least one friend complained that I'd given a spoiler without warning. Check out my blog here for all the spoilery details. The actor in question is definitely still a possibility, however the character WIKI lists the actors involvement as a "highly disputed" "persistent rumor". The IMDB page for the actor reports quite differently, although I don't usually trust IMDB very far, as it's far to easy for anyone to change the listed info. This time though I relied on a report based off of that data and re-reported it. For that I apologize. However, despite all of the conflicting reports, know that there still is a definite possibility for this actor in this role.

Ok, enough cryptic nonsense. In this week's issue Entertainment Weekly, they have a fantastic cover story on Heroes. The article is very solidly written, as is par for EW, with interviews from many of the creative people involved in the show including (series creator) Tim Kring, Damon Lindelof, Jeph Leob, and more. One of the most interesting things for me was to read the relationship of Kring has to the comic book Rising Stars; as the two seem so similar and yet so different in a number of ways. The article also has some minor spoilery details, being written while they were filming episode 14 (I believe). Without going into any real spoilers I will say that they mention in the article that as far as right now, the letters in the actors name that they currently have in mind for Syler has a scrabble score of more than 10 points. If this is true then the actor I reported earlier cannot be Syler.

For those of you that are interested here are some of the very minor things we can garner from the article...


The Save the Cheerleader storyline will apparently be wrapped up with by the Christmas break, so pretty much going through sweeps which start in what? a week I think. This story will culminate in, at the least, Claire deciding to leave school and Odessa, TX permanently as her secret is out for good. The second half of the season starting in January will focus mainly on the hunt for Syler and Nathan Petrelli's election. Kring said he wants to really populate the world with lots of these specials, all sorts of people with all sorts of powers. He also said that he has definite plans to kills off main characters; he wants death to be a part of the series and a real possibility. Although as he wasn't expecting the series to be so popular he's a bit worried now that he'll end up killing off characters and will have a fan uproar on his hands. :) I think he probably will...


So that's about all. Like I said, nothing too spoilery there. But just thought I should warn. Considering this came from the horses mouth himself don't blame me if it changes. Anyhow, it wouldn't really matter if it does, I'm really loving the show and I expect to keep loving it no matter what. Better head now. Later.

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