Wednesday, November 22, 2006

new Spider-Man 3 poster

Check out the awesome new Spider-Man 3 poster. I would love to get this for my place. I think that Erica might be cool with it if I put it in a frame and made it nice looking. Click on the image for a bigger view.


Lee said...

I must admit I never thought I get excited over another Spiderman movie but with every promo thing that's released I'm getting more and more excited over this film - Spiderman just has never been my favourite comic book character.

Chappy said...

But Spider-Man is awesome!

If you're interested in dipping your toe into the books again they've really really gotten better. I'd highly recommend either the first Ultimate Spider-Man trade (a relaunched, revamped, youngified and awesome series) -only $9.72 online, or the start of J Michael Straczynski's (of Bab 5 fame) run on Amazing Spider-Man (he took the series to new levels of realism adding much more adult themes, and realistic storytelling) - $10.35 online.

Honestly though all that aside, the films themselves have been fantastic. I think most everyone agrees that the Spidey franchise has been the absolute best of the comic book films. And the more I see, especially of Sandman, and Venom the more excited I am too.

This is going to be great!

Gillian said...

My guess is that no, most girls won't like this sort of thing hanging up on a wall. For me, it'd be worse if it was framed.

But you know how I am (FUSSY!) :)

Chappy said...

I know you're probably right, but thats why I have a plan. Buy a house and have both a living room (without a tv, just for visiting and such), and a den/tv room/whatever you want to call it media center room (this is where i can put up that kind of thing on the wall. It is also where I plan to install the wet bar. ;)