Sunday, November 12, 2006

Even newer Spider-Man 3 trailer

I saw this on AICN a few mins ago. This is the really "new" trailer for Spider-Man. It will almost definitely be taken offline soon so watch it now if you can. Its basically an extended version of the trailer that launched last week, and can be seen in the post below. This is supposedly the trailer that will be attached to Ghost Rider next February 16th. A lot of the VFX are rough in this trailer, but some of the scenes are totally new and very cool. Finally right at the end we get the goods though. The reason this trailer has been taken down all over the place for the past few hours. We get one quick very clear and awesome shot of Venom. Screaming into the camera. Its the tag right at the end so stick with it. Check it out.

I've heard a theory that says that possibly Venom will really only be in the film for a very small amount. And even that perhaps he is just really right at the end. As a set up for the fourth film. While I would definitely be disappointed by this in a way, I could honestly see it working too. Venom is a big story unto himself, and if you cloud these comic films with too many villains you run the risk of turning into another Batman & Robin. Anyhow, I'm sure however they do it, Spidey will totally rule.

I'm off now. Later.

UPDATE - obviously the trailer is now gone... oh well, fun while it lasted eh? sorry if you missed it but no worries, it'll be back next year with Ghost Rider.

UPDATED UPDATE - Like pee in a swimming pool. Check here.


K said...

Um what's it about? :P

Seriously though... What's it about?

Does the short guy from that 70's show try to kick spidermans ass? Or is he the passive good guy like in Tad Hamilton... which I only watched because Josh Duhamel is SMOKING HOT!



Anonymous said...

Am I right is seeing that Topher takes over the Venom suit at the end? Is that the mythology from the comics as well? V. cutting edge post btw. That's the kind of stuff I want to see more of!

Chappy said...

The word on the street is that the story will follow three basic storylines. Firstly, Peter will find out that his Uncle Ben was in fact killed by Flint Marko a one time petty hood, who has recently been transformed into a creature made of sand. Spidey will fight Sandman and try to come to finally put his uncle's death ebhind him. Secondly, Harry Osbourne (James Franco), Peter's one time best friend, will take up the mantle of the Green Goblin from his dead father (Wille Dafoe), and try to kill Spidey/Peter, who he blames for his dad's death. The thid plotline will be about peter fionding this black ooze creature. The creature is a symbiote who will create a new costume for Peter with enhanced abilities, but it also has a dark side. And once Peter realizes that the creature (the symbiote) is trying to bond with him permanently he will get rid of it. This creature will then bond with a rival photographer of Peter named Eddie Brock (Topher Grace), who becomes Venom, a crazed Spider-Man perversion who is bent on killing the wall crawler.
At least thats what I'm guessing the story will be about...

So yes Bernard, Topher will take over the costume, thats the same mysthology as the comics, although in the comics the creature is an alien, and I think they might change that for the film.

K said...