Thursday, November 02, 2006

cool Heroes casting news

I was just coming home and on the train I was listening to The 9th - A Heroes Podcast. And in their news section they had a piece of sort of under the radar casting news from this week that I definitely had not heard before and was very excited about. Although it hasn't yet been widely reported it looks like the role of Sylar, the shadowy man who is apparently responsible for a series of the grisly murders has been cast, and boy is it a good one. According to the IMDB, the role of Peter Sylar has gone to none other than Sean Bean.

If anyone really knows how to pull off a conflicted character walking the line between good and evil, it sure as heck is the man who brought Boromir to life; Sean Bean. Very, very cool.



Anonymous said...

Boromir? Blech bring up nothing of LotR! Sean Bean cool? Definitely. But not for his portrayal of Boromir. Blech.

Chappy said...

you're just mean :P