Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Castlevania poster

I'm a bit worried that the Castlevania movie will be just about as good as Bloodrayne, which although was recently announced as set for a sequel, was just God awful. Thankfully at least this film is being written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson as opposed to Uwe Boll who has brought so many other video game gems to the masses. Anderson is the mastermind director behind such guilty pleasure films of mine as Alien vs Predator, for which a sequel in also in the works, Resident Evil, and Soldier.

I just hope they make Simon like he was in the old Captain N series, now that would be an awesome film ;)

The film will take place mostly in 15th Century Transylvania, and if you cant read it, there is subtitle "Dracula Reigns". Apparently they've got a budget of around $50 mil, and even though there were reportedly some problems with Dimension over the script supposedly locations are being scouted right now for this surefire hit.

It's kind of a cool poster. Very goth. At least that's a start right.

I read about this on Dark Horizons.

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