Thursday, November 09, 2006

What happened to Jericho?

Ok, so this morning on the way into work I watched Wednesday night's episode of Jericho entitled "Rogue River" and I just want to say: what the hell happened to this show?! It was doing so well, or at least it looked like it could potentially do so well, and then it all just fell apart. The writing is terrible, the characters seem to have no motivation for their actions, and most importantly NOTHING is believable. The way a show like this works, and I know I've seen the producers saying this in their short interview on the show over at Innertube, that the way a show like this works is that it's based on the idea of what would the world really be like after a nuclear holocaust. Well, with stellar writing like this I don't think we'll ever know. Jericho is really disappointing me. The last three episodes have each been worse than the last.

It had so much potential, and it's just wasting away.

Conversely, I also watched Friday Night Lights and it is just getting better and better each episode. So me, the uber sci fi geek is going for the high school football show over the post apocalyptic survival story. I never would've imagined it.

All 8 episodes of Jericho are available to watch in full over at CBS - Innertube, and you can check the latest full episode of FNL over at

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