Tuesday, November 14, 2006

the circle of life in my sink

I know that if E was awake she wouldn't have actually wanted me to get up and do the dishes last night at 3:30am but I did, and why you may ask? Because we've got ants! If you live or have lived anywhere in Northern California, you know about the ants. Everyone gets them at one point or another. They are tiny and black and there is almost nothing that can be done about them. Sure you can get rid of them for a while but they'll be back, there are always more of them.

So last night I accidentally fell asleep before cleaning the dishes, which I usually do every night because we don't have a real dishwasher, just me. But I knew, I just knew that if I left those dishes in the sink overnight, and then through the day today we'd be swarming in ants. These aren't the absolute worse kind of ants you can get I suppose. They don't bite, and they're easy to kill, but man there are a lot of them. These are the ants that you'll see 300 of at a time, all swarming after an apple core. Yes, yes... it's all part of the circle of life and all that crap. still, its totally disgusting.

I'm tired now.


Anonymous said...

Having moved into an apartment with ants, I've discovered that the simplest way of removing them is just a thorough cleaning. The previous tenants said they were unstoppable and unkillable - they were wrong. I removed the ant traps, and just cleaned v. thoroughly - steam cleaning the carpets being a big boost I believe. Anyway, don't give up. Just persevere and things will get better.

Chappy said...

I agree that cleaning is a good solution, however the ants in the Bay Area are notorious. According to this article on our local pest, the Argentine, ant has come into the pipes probably because of the weather (the rain has finally started here), and won't be overly deterred. Although apparently 'cleaning, and pesticides work about as well as one another' in this case.

We'll keep at it. And I really do keep things pretty clean so I think we'll be ok.

Anonymous said...

Don't foreget 2 clean all the shelves....it's amazing how stickee thay get...and steam cleaning...I h8 it, butt it werks.