Monday, October 09, 2006

Camping and Gen Y

So hey, I had a very great weekend. We spent Friday night down at our friends Jan and Cecile's house in San Jose, which was cool. Just drinking and eating good food with good people. Then on Saturday morning we all, like 6 of us, went camping out to Castle Rock state park down by Saratoga/Big Basin. This was really the first true hike in camping we've all done and I think it worked out beautifully. We didn't go too far, only 3 miles hike in, but I was satisfied that we definitely could do more if we wanted to. Erica got to try out her new backpack which worked like a charm, and other than us personally needing a smaller camping stove I think we actually have all the equipment we need ourselves. It was also a nice surprise to find a great local campground that doesn't ever get full. I think we will definitely go back there sometime. Once we'd hiked in we set up camp and then went out on a 8 mile loop hike leaving the bags behind. It was really nice and a particularly varied walk with good sections of rocks, meadow, and forest. Tres tranquile...

That night we drank a bit too much and ended up passing out rather early, but that's really ok, cause there was a fire ban and we didn't have our lantern with us, so sitting around for too long in the dark probably wouldn't have been super fun. And after a fairly stiff restless night we made our way back to civilization quite refreshed. I do kind of think you need a day or two to get used to those thermarests. When we car camp we bring our big inflatable air mattress.; we're spoiled I know... but I'm sure that the thermarests are good for you really. And I know that I definitely didn't want to carry any more weight so the thermarests were a good idea.

The camping was pretty fun all around, but on Sunday night when we got back I had the distinct privlege of being the guest on my current favorite podcast The Gen Y Retrocast with Michael and Gavin. If you readers are interested in podcasts, I'd really recommend you check these guys out. They're very funny, and like to shoot the shit about all the fun stuff from their youth. Pretty much they're just like me. So I know I can't be sure, but I think the show went fairly well, We had a few good topics: Sierra Adventure Games, and the Little Mermaid. Although unfortunately we had a recording snafu and lost the recording on the Little Mermaid. I still think it sounded pretty good regardless. I've never been a guest on any podcast before so I hope it sounded decent. Maybe if it worked out ok, they'll ask me back sometime. I'm sure second time around would be even better, because a lot of the stuff we talked about before going on air was really funny and interesting too. Ah I dont know, you guys'll just have to listen and decide for yourselves when the new show goes up on or after Wednesday of this week. I'm very interested to hear myself.

Not much else to say for now. Later kiddies.

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