Thursday, March 22, 2007

28 Weeks Later poster

Check out this great poster for the upcoming film 28 Weeks Later

I don't know if you saw the film 28 Days Later, with Callian Murphy, and Christopher Eccleston, but I personally loved it. Not that I'm normally a huge zombie fan, but I really enjoyed that one. Even if you have seen it I really recommend you go check out the dvd. On the special features of it there are a number of alternate endings to the film, but there is also one very different take on the movie that departs at about the midway point. The special feature shows us the storyboards of this radically different film while I can't remember... it's either director Danny Boyle or writer Alex Garland, read the script as it was in that draft. Very very interesting stuff.

So while 28 Weeks Later is not directed by Boyle, it still looks pretty interesting. As far as I can tell, it's a pretty loose sequel, that centers around the zombie plague virus being set off once again in London. I love the propaganda style poster. And the film stars Robert Carlyle, who is pretty great all around. It's set for release on May 11th, and the trailer should premiere this Friday with The Hills have Eyes 2. It's also notably being release as one of the first films under the FOX Atomic banner. Check out some interesting articles on the film and some recently screened footage here and here. I'll definitely be hoping for the best on this one.

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