Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Concept is everything

There's a new show on VH1 called Acceptable TV that just premiered last Friday, and the concept of the show is really pretty novel.

Basically its a sketch comedy show, only instead of strictly random comedy sketches, the cast make a series of mini tv shows, each about 5 minutes long. On every 30 minute episode there will be five of these cast created tv shows, and then a sixth one that is sent in by the audience / online fan community. Anyhow, after watching these five cast created mini tv shows, what exec producer Jack Black and the other creators of Acceptable TV want you to do is go online, or text, a vote for your favorite two mini shows. and then the two most popular shows will have another episode created. The remaining three shows will be replaced with all new mini tv shows the next week and the process begins again. Does that make sense?

So really it's a sketch popularity contest. The sketches that get the most votes will have their stories continued in another installment, and the ones that don't will disappear. Also one of the five sketches each week will be an animated sketch. And at least so far I think the sketches have been generally pretty funny, kinda quirky, and enjoyable. I bet it's going to be tough on these guys though, considering they will have to literally make two new sketches out of nothing in just a few short days. I'm impressed with the concept though. At least its original. Hopefully we'll get a few good laughs out of it.

Check out this, my favorite, sketch from the first episode, and go over to http://acceptable.tv to see the rest.

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