Monday, March 12, 2007

a quick 300 review

Taken from my Flixter page. Please visit to check out my other reviews. I tend to jot down a paragraph, for every movie I see these days. Enjoy...


The argument has been made that 300 is more dedicated to style over substance, and I can't say I wholly disagree with this. That's not to say it's a bad movie by any means, but 300 has such amazing and startling visuals I was hoping for more story to back it up. 300 has little more than a premise, a simple framework of a story, and little to no progression. It is predictable and small, there is zero development in character or motivation. But all that said, I can't help but love this film for what it is. The violence is extremely graphic, and the highly surrealized and muted brown world around the Spartan soldiers is so visually stimulating that I was really in mesmerized awe throughout the film. What holds this film back though, is the lack of story. While a film like Sin City is easily as violent as 300 I felt more connected with that film due to the backing of a solid story. If I was more invested in the characters of 300 I might've cared more about their fates. Overall though, this is a great fun and bloody film. And worth seeing on a big screen if you can.


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