Friday, March 09, 2007

300 Trailer and a bonus!

So check out this hardcore trailer for 300. Its just fantastically badass. While I know this can't be as gory as Sin City, this R-rated trailer definitely has me wondering if it might come close. I'm planning on seeing this film on Saturday, so I should be able to let you know what I think of it next week. But seriously just watch this vid.

Damn, that's cool. But why you may wonder exactly is this video like 6 minutes long, when the trailer is only two minutes thirty seconds. Well director Zach Snyder has hidden a little bonus in the filler at the end. It's a single frame of footage visible apparently at the 1:52 mark. The image in question is a test frame from Snyder's next project the MUCH anticipated Watchmen film. I'm keeping my fingers crossed this actually gets made. Its been a really long haul to bring it to the screen, and I had all my hopes up last year when Paul Greengrass was on it, so now I'm just holding back until production actually begins. But wow man. I mean WOW.

Click on the pic for a bigger view. This is a picture, coming from Harry over at Ain't it Cool News, is of the protagonist in Watchman, Rorshach. He is the last active member of a former group of one time superheroes. One of his old partners has now been killed, and he has decided to uncover why. He is the detective, he is the everyman; and the story follows his race to find out who is committed and continues to commit the ongoing crimes against 'masks'.

If you don't read comics you might not know. But Watchmen is considered by many people, including me, to be the best comic of all time. It is the only comic to ever win a Hugo award, was the first great superhero deconstruction story, popularized the graphic novel format, has been taught at university level classes, and has influenced American culture, comics, and film since its publication in the mid 80s. It is an amazing, layered and intricate story that grips you from beginning to end.

Man, now I really want to read it again. Seriously, alongside Maus, and Give me Liberty this book has changed the way I read. I'll tell you, I've got a friend who I've been lending comics to for almost a year now, trying to slowly expose him to the right ones, and its only just now that I think he might be ready to ready and appreciate Watchmen. maybe. It is a book that says SO much and is so important to me, and a ton of other people out there, that I know we all want to see it done justice on the big screen... that is if it can really even be made into a film.

The picture is awesome, the picture is WOW, not because it literally shows anything that spectacular, but in that it represents the farthest development anyone has come towards making this movie a reality.

I know Alan Moore hates the movie adaptations of his work, and in most cases rightly so, but for the rest of us geeks. This is some great news, and a very cool little bonus.

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