Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Track 50

a friend pointed me towards this great little web application today called Track 50.

Simply put, it's a website that will keep track of any band you like and then send you emails when that band is having a concert in your area. It's simple and seems to work well. I know that awhile ago I mentioned the pretty cool iTunes plugin called iConcertCal which does much the same thing only based on whatever you've got in your iTunes library. But for someone like me it didn't actually work that well in a practical sense. I have my music scattered and separated between 3 different computers as well as some being just stuck on my ipod so while I think in principal its great; it didn't end up helping me too much.

This Track 50 is very straightforward though. I definitely think you should check it out. Although, I'm not sure if its set up for all over the country yet, they do have listings for shows in most major cities. Oh and they've even got this handy little flash badge to paste onto your blog

While I can't go to every show and already have stuff planned for many of the dates, already Track 50 has reminded me to get tickets to Arcade Fire, which I did, and I'm about to get some for JET. Very cool, eh?

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