Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Call me Snake...

Hot on the heels of an amazing $70 million opening weekend for 300, Gerard Butler, raging Scotsman and King Leonidas himself has now been linked to the role of Snake Plissken in a remake of John Carpenter's classic film "Escape From New York". According to Variety. Ken Nolan of Black Hawk Down fame is writing the script, and a bidding war has already erupted between rival studios for the rights to the picture.

If you haven't seen the original with Kurt Russell, you're really missing out. EFNY is my third favorite Kurt Russell film, right after The Thing, and Big Trouble in Little China. It has action, adventure, snappy one liners, a very cool antihero who knows how to kick all sorts of ass, and its got just that perfect flavor of cheap early 80s sci-fi that makes you love it. It's a real guys movie; one of the best.

So the obvious question remains, does this really need to be remade? I don't know... Generally I'm not really in favor of remakes, but I think I could maybe see a newer, bigger budget Escape From New York being kinda cool. Gerard Butler is definitely good casting for the role, even though Russell is fantastic as Plissken. At least post 300 we know that Butler can kick ass. And despite some cheesy charm (and Bruce Campbell), the actual official sequel, Escape From LA, really didn't live up to the promise of the original. Maybe a remake is the way to go.

I just wonder, how does Gerard Butler look with an eyepatch?


Anonymous said...

It'd be sad to remake Escape from New York. It was perfect in its own right. My guess is that is one remake that will not be up to snuff. But we'll see.
Speaking of New York.... any talk of remaking Planet of the Apes?

Anonymous said...

Scratch that... they already did it in 2001.