Friday, March 16, 2007

slow down indy...

it's me isn't it? I know it is... I've been getting ahead of myself again.

Mere hours after posting about Cate Blanchett in the new Indy film, my friend Tara pointed me to this story over at on their Popwatch Blog. Shia LaBeouf has been out at ShoWest in Las Vegas this past week doing press for Disturbia, Transformers, and Surf's Up. Apparently after being questioned on the whole Indiana Jones casting news, he claims that it's all just a big rumor. That there's nothing to it at all. What??? Is this just clever deflection? Is it for real?

I do actually hope its real, 'cause I like LaBeouf and I think he'd be a well cast as Indiana Jones Jr. Unfortunately, we won't really know anything solid until we hear it from the studio. I hate waiting, but trust me, I'll be watching myself so I don't make any more pre-announcements like that again. This is exactly why I said I shouldn't be talking about this film ... stupid Variety...

ok everyone, go have a good afternoon. lates.

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