Sunday, March 04, 2007

Wondercon and more...

This weekend I hit up San Francisco's big comic con, called Wondercon. I was only there for a day with my friends Jan and Cecile, but it was a fun time. I didn't have much cash or anything so I didn't want to stick around too long. It's a growing convention that really is attracting some big names and interesting panels but I just knew that if I let myself get sucked into it I would end up dedicating the entire weekend to it. Instead I just rolled in for a quick few hours, browsed a bit, only picked up 3 new graphic novels, all of which were half off, and then headed out. Check out some of these pics though. The Batman suit is totally sweet, but man that guy must've been hot. I mean it actually looks like it's real rubber. ugh! Anyhow, check this

I had originally had plans to stick around for the panels on 300, Resident Evil: Extinction, and of course Spider-Man 3, but in the end I decided that I'd rather come home and spend some more time with Erica this weekend. Someone over at Ain't It Cool News sent in a lengthy and fairly interesting report on the goings on of said panels. Although, there really wasn't any earth shattering new information. And even with the big Spider-Man stuff, all they got was new trailer, that's actually airing officially with Heroes this Monday night, so not too much of a big preview there. Wondercon may be a fun convention, but its still nothing to rival San Diego. For which I incidentally already have my ticket, booked to :)

A few filmy bits of news that I might as well throw in here for you. Lena Heady who will be playing the titular protagonist in The Sarah Connor Chronicles on FOX next Fall was speaking with Sci FI Wire about the role, and mentioned some info that I hadn't heard yet. Apparently the super-smokingly hot Summer Glau from Firefly will be playing a Terminator. In the story, which takes place between T2 and T3, we'll see two terminators return from the future, one good one and one evil. No word who will be the good one but my guess is Summer Glau, whose character will be called Cameron in honor of James. Maybe a little robotic love interest for John... I could see that happening. Oh and apparently this news is technically coming out of an interview done at Wondercon... who knew.

Here's some cool new art for Spider-Man 3... see it more and even bigger over at Opens May 4th, and I'm getting pretty excited :)

Lets see, what else, well Danny Boyle's film Sunshine which I talked about here before is being delayed until December. Hopefully that isn't as bad a sign as the Dark Horizons guys think it is...

There's recently been some speculation as to what Galactus will eventually look like in the new Fantastic Four film. I admit it, I am guilty of it too, but really, I'm just excited. Well Tim Story announced on his MySpace blog today that we shouldn't believe the hype. Galactus is being worked on right now, and the designs have not been locked yet.

Did I mention that last week sometime Warner Bros hired some writers to pen a Justice League screenplay? Well they did, and since it's something that I personally don't see actually happening anytime soon, I'm going to not talk about it until it becomes more real...

Early next year Kids WB will begin airing another new Spider-Man cartoon series! This is good good news. In this one Spidey will be a mere 16 years old, and facing the daily traumas of high school, alongside his superherodom. Anyone out there reading Ultimate Spider-Man? If this is as good as that then count me definitely in. Spidey is always cool, but Bendis has made him great again.

And finally back to AICN for some Star Wars news. At an event recently Lucas spoke about the new Clone Wars cartoon series, and the upcoming live action Star Wars series. I'm very excited by both, even thought the live action series won't be here until, if I remember right, 2010. One comment he made kinda pisses me off. In that he said the first Clone Wars series was like "a test", and that this new one is the real deal. Seriously man, I mean I know the guy is George Lucas, but I think most people agree that what Genndy Tartakovsky did on that show was create a world that was more involved than any of the prequels. So stop being a little bitch about it man. Lucas already pushed Genndy out of the way, and launched Lucasarts Singapore, specifically for the purpose of creating this new show. He's guaranteed to make ALL the money this time around, but show a little respect.... geez. Frankly I know most people, if they even care, won't realize that there's even a difference between the two series. Anyhow, that's my mini rant. Check those AICN comments though, there's a few more juicy tidbits.

Oh, if you're interested check out this cute trailer for a good looking new romantic comedy starring Adam Brody, who we all know and love as Seth from the OC. It's called In The Land of Women.

That's it for me, I'm wrapping up. Gotta sleep now. Last week was chock full of my Annual Performance Review, so now that I'm done with that I hope to be able to get back to a more regular update. Hope all's well with you kids. Stay kool, k. Peace.

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