Monday, March 05, 2007

NBC does some good

Did you watch Heroes tonight? I hope you did because it was pretty sweet. There was action, and a good follow through on almost all of the storylines. Not as emotional as last week's episode but it leads into a great set up for the final 'pod' of episodes in a few weeks. I'm pretty happy with where we're at, although I do think I will make a point of watching this episode again to make sure I understood everything that happened. Oh and maybe even with the cast commentary over at NBC online.

During the episode they also showed a new trailer for Spider-Man 3. It was pretty sweet and very Harry as the new Green Goblin centric. The other big news is that for apparently the next 72 hours only over at you can check out 7 full additional minutes from Spidey 3 in HD no less! I'm downloading it as I type this, so I haven't seen it yet, but I expect greatness.

As for The Black Donnellys, well despite what critics said before the first episode I really am liking the show. I thought that maybe there was some moments of weirdness this episode like with Tommy getting down to his tidy whities to hammer away at the corpse, was it just me or was he a little overly buffed out? And also I don't really understand why Jenny can't be with Tommy, or for that matter whats really the deal with Joey ice cream? On the other hand, I loved the fact that Tommy and Jenny actually get together, even if she thinks she can't be with him. I loved seeing Kate Mulgrew back on tv, and am I crazy or was that Peter Weller as Irish mob boss Huey's phycho brother with the axe?! If it wasn't it was someone who sure looked like him... I also loved pretty much all of the interactions between Kevin and Tommy. It was a really solid episode, and apparently you can watch it, and the next episode over at It's not up as I type this, but check in tomorrow morning. Oh and if you want more, here's a link to the official Black Donnellys blog.

Good job tonight NBC, and nice work on the web stuff. I was heartily entertained and remain impressed.

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Anonymous said...

So I now have one little problem with Heroes...why does everyone seem to know about these 'others,' while everyone else seems to be totally oblivious?

Was that a confusing question? ... well it was meant to be!

Did I miss something a few weeks ago? And I hope that they start to explain why and how these people are so coincidentally connected. Is it part of a grand scheme? I can really only take suspension of disbelief so far before I begin to lose attention.