Friday, March 30, 2007

TVOTR - the dissonant symphony

So, while I meant to write about this yesterday I've been feeling pretty sick with a cold lately and I just didn't feel like it until now. On Wednesday Devon and I went to an absolutely amazing show at the Fillmore. TV on the Radio. I know I've mentioned how much I like them before here, and I really really want to encourage everyone to go check them out. They've got a really new and unique sound that really blew me away the first time I heard them. If there's anything to gripe about in their studio recordings though it would be that firstly the sound is too clean for what it could be and secondly that a number of their best songs aren't fast enough. Seriously though I'm not at all knocking them; just go to their Myspace page and check out Staring at the Sun and Wolf Like Me. They're pretty amazing songs as they are. And after this concert I have to just say WOW once again.

I was totally blown away with how solid these guys are. Their presence is amazing. The sounds all all over each other, chords overlapping, and straining against each other. Its like this amazing and beautiful harmony of sometimes really conflicting sounds. And the vocals have this great dissonance, where things are just off kilter enough to keep everything fresh and unexpected. They also really infused their live performance with a ton of energy. The songs I had thought were slow before we're amped up, and I think everyone really enjoyed themselves.

Check out this great live performance I found of them, from May of last year at the Showbox in Seattle, very good stuff.

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