Wednesday, December 13, 2006

a busy xmas wiikend

Man its just been super busy lately. Christmas is taking not only all my money but also all my time. Well, that and just you're standard Christmas silliness at work. This past weekend I spent a lot of time showing off the Wii to people. My parents came up from San Mateo and played it. They really enjoyed it. My mom LOVED playing the Wii Sports bowling... she actually gets a bit crazy when you put her in a competitive situation. We also went to a party on Saturday night, pretty chill cause of some rain here, but we brought the Wii along for the ride, which was fun. And then again on Sunday we had another friend over for dinner and she played the Wii with me... It's nonstop Wiinsanity! Thankfully I managed to snag a second set of controllers, as you can see in the picture, and I have to say, head to head bowling or golf is great, but unfortunately the Wii Sports boxing... not so good. On the other hand I've just discovered all the mini games in Super Monkey Ball (there's 50!)so I'm a happy camper for now.

E had to take off for another business trip. But does that mean I'm having time to just relax, laze around and watch cartoons all day. Nope. of course not. There's tons to do before we head off to Toronto on the 23rd. Like this Saturday, we're doing Xmas with my fam. Should be fun, but we're really just packing a lot in.

I've finally got Erica's big present sorted out. Of course I still have to wrap everything. Its good, but just a bit crazed I guess. On Thursday I've got another one of those snazzy "informational interviews" with a guy from work, to see if maybe, just maybe I have some sort of prospects for a future... Still, I shouldn't get down, this is good, at least they'll get to know who I am and that I want to actually do something with my life... meh, w/e, on with the show.

Here's what our little tree looks like now that it's all decorated. too bad with the flash you can't really see the lights; its very charming. Ok, I'd better go wrap before it gets too late. Bye.

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