Sunday, December 03, 2006

look at our tree!

I just put up our Christmas tree. It was way tougher to do than I thought it would be. I've never actually bought or put up a tree myself before, but I think it's really nice that Erica and I have one (and a real one) for this year. It just kind of makes it more homey here. Unfortunately, Erica wont get to enjoy the tree until she gets back from a work trip in Japan, later on this week, but at least there will be a nice festive spirit to come home to.

I paid $42 for it this morning in the Castro, and it's a good thing I got it now. The guy at the lot said that probably by the end of the day today all the 4-5 foot trees will be sold out. This one is just over 5 feet tall, but really pretty full. It was a bit of a bitch carrying it on the streetcar home, but at least its all set now.

Here are some pictures, click to make them bigger. I put the lights on but I'll obviously wait for Erica to get home before we decorate :)

Oh, and if you're getting in the festive mood yourself, yesterday I picked up an excellent holiday album off of iTunes, called hOMe for the holidays. It's one of those discs made by the OM people.And is Christmas tunes mixed with electronica, and lounge. Totally chill. I'd definitely recommend it, and I usually hate Xmas music.

Ok, I'm off to play the Wii for a while. Later all.

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