Wednesday, December 20, 2006

NEW Transformers Trailer!

And Christmas comes early. Once this gets onto YouTube, I'll embed the video here, but until then go check out Yahoo! Movies for the brand new, totally awesome Transformers Trailer. Apparently this is attached to Night at the Museum, which looks pretty good too.

I'm really impressed with the trailer, it actually shows more than I thought it would, but still never gives you a really good full reveal of really any of the Transformers. I really like how grainy and dark the film looks too, it makes everything seem more chaotic. And did you notice that nice little Michael Bay moment in the middle with the tender goodbye? I also love the alieness of it all. The music is totally creepy, and the robots movements are so visually interesting. I think this is great, I mean it puts everything in a much more real world context. If I saw a 40 freakin foot tall robot, I would probably completely lose it.

Excellent trailer, for what looks to be an excellent film.

UPDATE - I just noticed this comment on Michael Bay's Blog, where he says about the new trailer:

"I think some of my films have had good teasers but this one is just makes a statement. It's hard edged to show we are not a silly "toy" movie. We show just hints of robots - and almost none of our epic shots are in this teaser, but the movie just looks big. "

UPDATE UPDATE - I just saw that along with the new trailer the Transformers Official Movie Site has been revamped. They've got some new content too, a new really cool site interface that has you navigating around Cybertron to find your information, and more importantly, when you watch the new trailer on their site at the very end you'll hear Peter Cullen, as Optimus say the winning line from the "Make Prime Speak" contest they ran a few weeks ago "freedom is the right of all sentient beings". Pretty cool.

UPDATE FINAL - I only put this here because I said I would earlier. In case you're too lazy to click a link to see the trailer you can now check it out right here. Hooray for YouTube!


Angie said...

I was actually just coming to post to ask you if you'd seen it. I should have known you'd be days ahead of me. My jaw literally dropped when I saw Optimus Prime. OMG.

Chappy said...

I know! its so exciting! I want ro see this movie more than ever now!