Monday, December 11, 2006

Zach switches sides

Funny that I was just writing about this guy in my last post. But the weird world of entertainment news never seems to stop. So I was reading Pop Candy this morning as I usually do, and I came across this article explaining how apparently Thomas Dekker's character on Heroes, Zach is NOT REALLY gay.

If like me you watch Heroes, this is probably the point where you're saying Whaa?!?

Of course he's gay!

Well, apparently my gaydar is completely off because NBC has announced that Zach is actually straight. Despite the fact that on the show he absolutely seems gay. And in a very positive way I think too. He is not a stereotype, not a cliched homosexual. He is a teenager trying to deal with being different, quite aptly paralleling Claire's struggle to accept her special powers.

I can only assume that this was a decision of NBC. As the article points out Dekker has played gay characters before, on the show Grosse Pointe. My question is this: Why on earth would they do this?! I mean Zach was actually a positive gay character, a good guy who was dealing with his challenges honestly, and talking with friends about his troubles. Unfortunately NBCs only explanation up to this point is that he has always been straight and it was some kind of mass mis-communication. That said, the NBC marketing team actually said he was gay on their site, although this has siunce been removed. And they have his orientation listed on the characters MySpace page as "not sure". Of course that's all on top of Tim Kring, series creator, stating that the character is gay. Honestly this just pisses me off.

I know that since the announcement that Dekker will be playing John Connor his will probably be leaving the show soon enough, but I still think its a really weak move by NBC. These guys seriously need to grow up, and do the right thing.

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