Friday, December 15, 2006

Transformers production still

So this is actually an official still from the Transformers movie. It popped up online maybe a week or so ago, but I didn't mention it because I really wasn't too excited about it. It's officially found over at Yahoo! Movies, and obviously is a picture of Tyrese Gibson running away from Scorponok. I know what this scene is, after reading the Prime Objectives script a few months ago, and the only thing that really surprises me is the size of the Transformer in the background. In my head Scorponok was pretty small, so having him be big is kinda cool I guess. Anyhow, not a bad pic, but I think I was hoping to see more somehow. And is it just me, or does everything look kind of Starship Troopers-ish in that pic?

Much more exciting to me though is the news that the new Transformers trailer is set to debut online next Wednesday! That is very good news indeed.

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