Friday, December 15, 2006

Posting problems...

Man its been busy lately. I've been out shopping, trying to keep up on the podcast, and generally trying to keep my head together. I've been working off daily "To Do" lists, which I keep when things get a bit overly busy, and even still I'm not keeping up. Granted I find that whenever I make myself a To Do list I end up doing the easier stuff first, and sometimes it gives me more work cause I think of all the millions of small things to get done... I digress though.

Yesterday I actually had a plan to write something here, but what should I discover when I tried to log onto the Blogger Beta site? Apparently the sign in page was deemed inappropriate by my work's firewall and blocked. The reason "adult content", and the word "sex". Whaaa??? Exactly.

As I was also dealing with a problem getting the old skool Blogger to publish for my podcast web page I was hunting through the Google Groups Forum, and found that low and behold I was in fact not the only one experiencing problems logging in. Someone had posted complaining that they couldn't blog from the public library in Nashville, for the same 'sex' reason. And apparently he wasn't alone. Well, it seems that there's this online security program called Wordwise (i think) that tracks keywords. Its been malfunctioning, and various firewall programs that use it are getting barred from sites like Amazon, and Yahoo. funny, eh?

Well, I'm glad they've fixed the bug. cause if I couldn't blog from work I think I might go crazy. Better go now though. You know, work and all ;)

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