Monday, December 04, 2006

3 things that are totally sweet

1 - Heroes tonight was just sick. I am totally down with that show on every level.

2 - This totally badass new trailer for Halo 3 - check it in HD here, and regular like here.

3 - Tomorrow night I'm going to go see Panic! at the Disco (Cobra Starship opens - sweet)


Anonymous said...

So now I need to buy an Xbox or a PC so that I can get Halo 2... then I can look into Halo 3. This could get expensive.

Chappy said...

no man, all you need to get is a Wii. Then we can play online together. It'll be awesome :)

do it.

waveman said...

hey - you're coming to see Panic! Sweet!

Anonymous said...

So why the hell are you trying to sell Halo 3? Huh? And to get the Wii I should probably buy a TV first. Sigh.

Chappy said...

Wii would like to play