Sunday, December 24, 2006

buy my stuff... please

Hey everyone,

So I'm in Toronto now. Well, not exactly Toronto, but Caledon area, and as expected it's very nice. Unfortunately though, they lost our luggage in Chicago with all the Christmas hullabaloo at the airport, so we have no presents and are stuck wearing the same clothes until we get them back :( Thankfully that should be either tonight or tomorrow, and they're even going to deliver it to the house.

I did get into the city today and saw Bernard which was great.

What I really wanted to let you all know though, is that my items on eBay have finally gone on sale. I'm selling something like 430 comic books in 19 different lots (of 20-40 books a piece). I'm selling them cheap, so if you or someone you know might want some comics, please go check out my eBay Sellers Page for more info.

Thanks all.... happy holidays :)


Anonymous said...

Dude.. which is the best lot? The one that's getting the big money? Or another one? Let's say I want one or two lots, which should I go for? huh?

Chappy said...

umm, well it depends on what you're looking for. Personally I would probably go for one of the lots that has a long run of a single story. I really buy comics for the stories. So maybe The Fantastic Four lot, or definitely the Ultimate Spider-man or Ultimate X-Men lots would be good. Probably the best 'deal' is the adult comic lot as there are one or two honestly valuable books slipped into that one. other than that the rest are all fun, and while the mixed bag of ones are fun, they might really only appeal to someone who honestly knows what they're getting into. Definitely the most accesible for the non-fan are ultimate spidey, or Ultimate X-Men though. Hope that helps :)

Later all.

K said...

Wishing you many happy posts!

Happy New Years!