Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Geoff goes swimming

Yesterday after work I went to the Club One gym down in Union Square and went for a swim. They have a deep water lap pool there, which we don't at my work gym. Since I've been having these knee problems it seemed like a good call to try something with little to no impact. I have to say it went pretty well. Except for the fact that I haven't been swimming, well lap swimming, in a fair while. I am a strong swimmer, but really I think I need to accept that I am not 16 anymore. At one point I was actually teaching swim classes, now, while I still am a good swimmer, I really managed to tire myself out fairly quickly. I need to check how long the pool is next time, cause I don't think it actually is 25 meters, maybe though. Anyhow I managed 40 laps total, 15 freestyle/front crawl, and 25 breast stroke. The rest of the gym is pretty nice too. Not as big as the one at my work, but since I already have a membership there for free I'm not going to complain.

Next time I go, I'm going to use the weights and exercise equipment first though, swimming is tiring, but I think more focused exercise might be even better.


Anonymous said...

that was a little too "dear diary" for me... thanks.

Chappy said...

sorry for boring you.

I wanted this blog to be a mix of personal stuffs and entertainment. It's supposed to be whatever I find interesting. And I think my life is interesting. Obviously you do not.

I might suggest scanning the tags at the bottom of a post before you read it. Anything thats tagged "personal", just avoid it.

Serious question now: Would you rather see two sepreate blogs? one for just my thoughts and cvomments on entertainment stuff I see, and another on personal stuff? Cause that has crossed my mind before, but I'm not sure that would work, or that people would care. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I think that you should stick to cool and relevant facts about life. If you want to write a personal diary do it the old fashioned way. That is: go to the store, buy and over-priced, leather-bound book, find a nice pen, go to a coffee-shop, order a latte, and write ad nauseum about the little things in life, like depths and breadths of swimming pools and cost of gym memberships.

Chappy said...

Show Recent Messages (F3)

Bigby: oi
Geoff: oi
Bigby: i wrote the mean one about swimming being too much of a diary entry
Geoff: yes
Geoff: like 2 mins later i got another harsh one on a different post
Bigby: i'll have to go and see
Geoff: its ok
Geoff: I think I answered both critisisms pretty well
Geoff: so i asked a question
Geoff: in my response to you
Geoff: what do you think?
Geoff: i dont know
Geoff: maybe
Geoff: i also kind of feel like I should really be able to write whatever i want to in my blog
Geoff: i guess I see your point
Geoff: but where do i draw the line
Geoff: like do you want me to cut all the Christmas posts
Geoff: or what about when I go camping?
Bigby: have you gotten my response?
Geoff: i wasnt planning on writing about swimming all the time
Geoff: yes
Geoff: I was just writing about it cause I haven't done it in ages
Geoff: and it was a new experience
Bigby: i thought it was particularly well written.
Geoff: yours?
Geoff: really?
Bigby: my rebuttal that is.
Bigby: compared to stuffs, and cvomments?
Geoff: depths and bredths
Geoff: thats good
Geoff: ...
Geoff: I've started saying stuffs on purpose
Geoff: dont ask me why
Geoff: cause i dont really know
Geoff: the other one was a typo
Geoff: for that I apologize
Bigby: haha
Geoff: but there is no spell check in the comment window
Bigby: okay
Bigby: yes there is.
Bigby: it spell checked my entry for me.
Bigby: it said nauseum was a word and wanted me to put in museum
Geoff: oh yes
Geoff: there is a spell check built into the browser
Geoff: you are correct
Geoff: i think your comment is a bit too harsh though
Geoff: the content not the grammar
Geoff: shouldn't the blogger be able to say whatever they want?
Geoff: especially if it is tagged, etc
Geoff: i mean its not like reading it hurt you
Geoff: and i felt i had cause to write it
Geoff: and really my comment that you can just not read it
Geoff: i think thats valid
Geoff: tons of people write personal blogs online
Geoff: there's nothing wrong with it
Geoff: why is it wrong if i do it?
Bigby: my was only a suggestion..
Bigby: i'd have to go and look at my wording.
Bigby: but I don't think, I said you had to
Geoff: well i'm just not sure your argument holds water
Bigby: I think it does.
Geoff: ok
Geoff: maybe I dont unde5rstand what you're saying
Bigby: I just believe that you should stick to informing people of pertinent facts.
Bigby: Ghetto Camping was a new phenomenon.
Bigby: hence important
Bigby: that you did 40 laps and felt tired, an egoistical had look how fit I am comment and don't try and deny it!
Bigby: you wrote it because you were secretly quite pleased with the distance you swam.
Geoff: wtf?!
Geoff: are you serious
Geoff: no
Geoff: that is not what i was thinking
Geoff: absolutely not
Bigby: i wish I could put chuckling on msn./
Geoff: i'm sorry that you felt that way
Geoff: i don't think i can honestly draw the line that you're looking for
Bigby: damnation.
Bigby: thwarted.
Bigby: this world is out to get me.
Geoff: i gues what i want to ask though is.
Bigby: is?
Geoff: in the comment
Bigby: yes... i would like a diet coke.
Geoff: ha
Geoff: in the comment you tell me what i should do with my personal comments
Bigby: i was reading about it... you know apparently it tastes good, because it tastes like pepsi?
Geoff: write in a regular diary
Bigby: yup
Geoff: yesyes
Geoff: so you said write it elsewhere
Bigby: perhaps you should keep two blogs.
Geoff: i assume you wouldn't care if it was online or whatever
Geoff: but elsewhere
Geoff: keep them seperate
Geoff: but you never said why
Bigby: or like a coin... you blog can have two sides.
Geoff: yes
Geoff: i know
Bigby: i think I make it clear.
Geoff: you never say why
Bigby: well I think it's implied.
Geoff: other than its a bit too "dear diary"
Geoff: is it just a preference?
Bigby: keep the personal mumble-jumble-blah-blah-blah serparate.
Bigby: of course it is.
Bigby: but everything is "just preference" in the end.
Bigby: everything.
Geoff: sure
Geoff: agreed
Geoff: but what is bad about it together though
Bigby: some people would probably prefer soylent green to a big mac.
Geoff: thats what my life is
Bigby: it's preference man.
Geoff: but wouldnt a WHOLE picture be more valid
Bigby: it was a waste of 30seconds of my life... i care what's happening in movies etc.
Bigby: and I care what's happening in your life.
Geoff: but I'm not making up any news
Geoff: i'm re-reporting it
Geoff: !
Geoff: you could go to real news sites for news
Bigby: but I don't need to read that you did 40 laps in a deep water, lap pool, that may or may not be 25 meters, and that you haven't swum in years, and that you used to teach swimming.
Geoff: my entertainment posts are just really venues for my opinoin
Bigby: you see? my mind is now full of more than exceedingly useless facts.
Bigby: at least re: heroes or barbara other third party people might be interested.
Geoff: \well, a sense of history is important to me
Geoff: thats why its tagged "personal"
Geoff: i wrote it about me
Bigby: only at the bottom though, and by then it's too late.
Geoff: ha
Bigby: and i'm like a fucking cat.
Geoff: should there be a disclamer at the top
Bigby: curiousity'll be the fucking end of me.
Bigby: that would just make me more fucking interested.
Geoff: haha
Bigby: just dump it altogether.
Bigby: come-on i'm probably one of your best readers.
Geoff: well i only am really interested
Geoff: because i really have thought about havving two seperate blogs
Geoff: but I dont think I would be able to draw that line
Bigby: i think you should keep a real diary...it's much more permanent that an online bloh.
Geoff: and I dont think I have enough material for two blogs
Bigby: what happens when they start chargning?
Bigby: you're not going to pay probably.
Geoff: i'll prob go somewhere else
Geoff: I like online
Geoff: I've been blogging for like 5 years now
Geoff: its fun for me
Bigby: so you lose it all... and if it's personal and interesting enough for you to write about, perhaps you should have a permanent record?
Geoff: I dont want to write for real
Bigby: but you'll lose it all.
Geoff: nothings permanent
Geoff: thats life too
Bigby: it'll go to the 1s and 0s graveyard and get mixed with everything.
Geoff: deeep.. .eh?
Bigby: say though you create some super something.
Geoff: i'll burn a cd for my kids
Geoff: and thats about it
Bigby: and people want to find out about you.
Bigby: this stuff could all be gone in 10 years.
Geoff: could be
Bigby: a paper diary will still be around for classes at UofW to dissect.
Bigby: dude....
Bigby: i'm deep.
Geoff: are you looking for fame?
Bigby: i'm thinking of positing this conversation as a comment.
Geoff: fine
Geoff: or I could I guess
Geoff: ...
Geoff: just do it
Bigby: i was just kidding.
Geoff: no
Bigby: i just thought it'd be interesting.
Geoff: i will if you don't mind
Bigby: not at all.
Geoff: ok, are we done though
Geoff: ?
Bigby: though, it's a bit more personal than my tastes go.
Bigby: well now we have to be. because now we know we're being watched and the tone would change.
Geoff: ok
Geoff: final comments:
Geoff: go for it
Bigby: i declare victory
Geoff: ha
Geoff: fine, whatever you say champ
Bigby: well said, sir, well said.

Laura said...

good work posting the conversation it was worth my 3 minutes.

Dry Shave said...

Q: Shouldn't the blogger be able to say whatever they want? Especially if it is tagged, etc.?

A: Yes. Tagging is just a polite way of helping your readers sift through your thoughts. Simliar to an index.

If I want news I listen to the only truly free podcast, On Hold. I read your blog to stalk you.