Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Celebrity Big Brother?

Could it possibly be looming on the horizon? Variety reports that with the strike in full swing now, CBS has been quietly prepping the Big Brother house for some new additions. And the rumblings on the street are that this might be the long rumored Celebrity Edition of the show.

While so far the studio has been tight lipped on the possibility of the matter, it would make a lot of sense as the show is fairly popular, and maybe more importantly takes up a solid 3 hour chunk of programming time per week. Once we get into January / Feburary if the strike is still going on and all the new shows start to dry up people will probably be begging for anything new. Even if it is reality tv.

As a fan of the show I couldn't be happier. Of course I want the strike to end quickly, but wouldn't it be cool to get a celebrity edition BB, with possibly stars who are currently busy on other shows? Realistically I' m thinking that celebrity edition BB will only be marginally classier than the Surreal Life, but hey I can dream can't I?

Just for fun :) Here's my dream Big Brother house. My picks aren't necessarily for the big stars, but maybe for people who reasonably might have some time on their hands. For example, say the strike goes into Feburary, and even if it looks like it might wrap up in March, NBC along with Tim Kring decide that they'll have to fully scrap or push forward the next season of Heroes until the Fall. They know they won't go back into producvtion on the show until late summer. The big stars like Ali Larter, and Hayden Panitierre might wait for the strike to end and then go off and film a movie. But what about some of the smaller players. Celebirty Big Brother might honestly be a really good choice for someone like James Kyson Lee, who plays Ando on Heroes. Those are the people that in a dream world make it into my Big Brother house.

The reality is, it probably would never be this cool a cast.

My picks:
James Kyson Lee - currently plays Ando on Heroes
Tyler Labine - currently plays Bert on Reaper
Aaron Stanford - last played Will Traveler on Traveler
Justin Chambers - currently plays Alex on Grey's Anatomy
Seth Green - you'd better dam well know who he is
Will Forte - currently on SNL
Allison Mack - currently plays Chloe on Smallville
Rashida Jones - played Karen on The Office
Mindy Kaling - plays Kelly on The Office
Olivia Wilde - currently plays 'intern number 13' on House
Alexis Dziena - last played Kira on Invasion
Leighton Meester - plays Blair on Gossip Girl
Emmanuelle Chriqui - played Sloan on Entourage
and since I can't seem to think of anyone else, how about
Jessica Lee Rose - aka lonleygirl15

Maybe a totally unrealistic list, but still, that would be a very fun, and I think entertaining BB house. If this does happen, we'll come back and revisit this list and compare it to whatever really comes together.


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