Monday, November 05, 2007

more strike stuff

Pop Candy has a good post rounding up a few points and links to others regarding the Writers Strike. Apparently Tina Fey was picketing outside Rockefeller plaza this morning. Its good to see that everyone is united on this.

A few things to mention right off. The late night shows, at least The Daily Show and Colbert Report will be immediately affected by the strike. As will shows like The Office where a number of the writers are also actors. Will they cross picket lines.... I think probably not.

As the most recent TV Guide Talk podcast pointed out, the soap operas might just die a quick death. Can they sustain themselves with a potentially long break? I don't think so. Back in '88, the last time the writers went on strike the soaps hired scabs to continue their shows. Will they do that again?

It's hard to see where this will all go. Shows like Lost, and 24 are probably going to have to wait to even begin airing, because I'm sure they would hate to be forced to stop in the middle. Check out this interesting blog post by Brian K Vaughan of Lost. And while new shows like Sarah Connor Chronicles can probably stay in the can until later, will the studio want to keep paying to keep production offices open on a show that no ones seen?

And finally according to this story it looks like the final 6 episodes of the final season of Scrubs can be chalked up as yet another casualty of the strike.

This LA Times blog has good continuing updates on the entire affair.


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