Thursday, November 08, 2007

Del Toro and the Champions

Variety reports that Guillermo Del Toro is set to bring back an updated film version of a classic British tv show called The Champions. In usual fashion he will write, direct, and produce the sci fi / spy film about a team of secret agents who are given super powers by an "advanced civilization" and use them to fight crime.

Since I've never seen the original, I can't say for sure if its any good. But from what the wikipedia says on the show, it seems a little confusing. In the show, the trio of spies work for some vague UN backed international espionage agency based in Geneva called Nemesis. Their plane crashes on some mission and the group is saved from certain death by this "advanced civilization" which I take to mean aliens, who grant them all superpowers. Kinda like the Fantastic Four or something. Anyhow, they return to work as normal and proceed to hide their powers from everyone. Or from what I gather, try to find out why they've been given them. It all sounds fishy.

In the show they had to figure out which powers they had over time, but they included telepathy, precognition, enhanced senses and reasoning power and physical abilities enhanced to the known limit of human capability. Those are all funny powers. Like they're not really "superpowers". Aren't they all powers that conceivably we could develop naturally in time. You know, like how humans gaining the power of flight seems pretty outlandish, but telepathy doesn't.

Ok, so I really have no idea, but my prediction is that the "advanced civilization" is actually humans from the future, and they've really just accelerated evolution for these individuals that they save. Kinda like Millennium meets Timecop, meets The One.

Sounds like it could be interesting anyways.


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