Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sienna Miller is The Baroness

Tanks to Bernard for pointing me to this news while I was on vacation last week. Glad I didn't miss it.

The first piece of casting news on the much anticipated (by me at least) G.I. Joe film has landed on the interweb. According to reports Sienna Miller is going to play the devious Cobra villain The Baroness. Easily one of the most shaded characters in the entire Joe mythos the Baroness has a very fleshed out character, that isn't really bad or good, just totally self serving. She works for her, and often Destro's, own agenda and definitely does not play by even the Cobra rulebook.

Miller is great casting, she's a tantalizing seductress and I definitely think she will fill the role nicely. Despite being British and blonde ;)

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Anonymous said...

Tanks to me? Cool. I'd like a tank. It'd save the me 35 bones a month I (don't, but might) shell out on monitored home security. How many should I be expecting?
p.s. maybe you should send me quick copies of your posts for uber-schnell editing...or don't you respect us your reader? huh? sigh.