Friday, November 16, 2007

New Cloverfield trailer!

Check it out everyone. Not great quality I know, and it might be gone by morning but check out this video of the new Cloverfield trailer. Very sweet.

This is the trailer that will be attached to Beowulf this weekend. so after watching this, doesn't it look like the movie really might be called Cloverfield? That's sure what it seems. Oh JJ you're such a tease. Here's some reaction to the new trailer.

In other news, if you've been following the Jamie and Teddy stuff, here is a link to the newly released video #4. Notice the shiny blue present still sitting on her nightstand. December 5th is the big day for that. And finally, the Bold Futura site is live... or at least it was. wtf?! one sec... hmm, I'm too tired to look this stuff up now, but go nuts over at the Unfiction Forums if you feel like it. Let me know if you learn anything in the comments.

Oh and someone commented today on an old Cloverfield post I'd done here with info on their new Cloverfield Forums at Check it out if you can, seems like some dedicated well meaning Canadian Cloverfield fans. Maybe I'll get a chance to post there sometime. Later

UPDATE - hey all, I've just re-embedded a better quality version of the trailer off of YouTube. But for the best quality, head over to where they've got glorious high rez versions available. Also since I last posted the above a week ago the official Cloverfield poster has been revealed. Check it out :)

Check out a bigger better version of that over at And for more... theres a lot. check out Cloverfeild Clues. later gators.


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Mike T said...

Please talk about this video on the next podcast.

Much better than Marie Digby IMO.