Sunday, November 04, 2007

Blomkamp on District 9

Well, with the Halo movie, mostly sorta, not exactly dead right now it looks like there is time for Peter Jackson's good buddy, and proposed Halo director Neill Blomkamp to fit in another project, in fact his feature film directorial debut. Variety announced that Peter Jackson will produce the original sci fi screenplay called District 9, to be directed by Blomkamp. It's based on a script Blomkamp wrote with his partner Teri Tatchell. He will shoot in his native South Africa and the effects will of course be done by Weta.

While there isn't any specific indication as to what District 9 is actually about AICN is speculating that it might be an extension, or feature film adaptation of his previous short film Alive in Joburg. If this is the case, then truly this is awesome news. Alive in Joburg is fantastic. Its like everything I ever wanted to direct myself. I really REALLY think you should just go watch it right now.

Anyhow, let's hope that either this is the film getting made, or it's another equally as cool story.

Oh, and as for Halo, apparently it's really not dead. With the recent release of Halo 3, and the absurd amount of money it made, rumor has it that Microsoft are putting themselves together for another round of attempted financing. Only time will tell if their unheard of demands are the same as before, and can actually be met.


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