Wednesday, November 07, 2007

TV Show Death Grid

Care of the LA Times and their excellent WGA Strike Blog, they've very nicely put together a very readable grid of what's happening with your favorite shows. Like I mentioned yesterday, its really a different scenario for each show, and for each network. I would feel bad just copying it here, so I'll just say you should definitely check it out. It shed a lot of light on where the tv season stands.

here's the link to The LA Time TV Grid

Also some more shake ups as a fallout of the strike, FOX have announced their plans for the tv schedule in January. Check out a rundown of all the changes over at TV Guide. The biggest note, is the revelation that they will NOT be airing 24 until they have more of a full season to work with.

We can only hope that this logic will apply to ABC regarding Lost as well. The fans don't want to be short changed.


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