Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Rock is Black Adam

Well, now for some good news. We all know that your hero and mine Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has been rumored to be up for a couple of 'super' film roles in the planned Captain Marvel movie. Specifically both as the titular Captain Marvel (ironically a DC character) and the sometimes villainous Black Adam, who is a rival of Captain Marvel and will most likely serve as the film's bid baddie. Well it looks like the wait is over. The Rock recently announced that he will in fact be playing Black Adam in the film.

Personally I was never a huge fan of Marvel, I've just never seen him really written that well, so I think this is definitely the right choice. Also, even just checking out the Black Adam wiki page, he seems like a damn cool character. Very dark, but ambiguous, kind of a vigilante anti-hero. I won't say I'm familiar with him specifically as I've never been a reader of Captain Marvel, and haven't read Infinite Crisis or its aftermath where I hear he has become quite popular, BUT I do think the Rock is destined for great things as a film hero. So I'm more than happy to wish him the best on this project :)


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