Friday, November 09, 2007

My dissapointment

So imagine me yesterday podcasting as usual, without a care in the world, and afterwards I say to my good buddy Devon 'hey man, would you like to see a really hot youtube girl singing rhianna?" Of course he would. We've always got some time after we finish podcasting while the file uploads to the site, and of course Devon is always up for checking out hot new web-lebrities.

Off we go on our way to check out Marie Digby. You remember her? I posted a week or two ago about her. I've still got her acoustic cover of Rhianna's Umbrella stuck in my head, and like I said... she's really hot. If you haven't seen it, check out her appearance on Carson Daily here. She seems so innocent, very Winnie Cooper; doesn't she?

Well, my big disappointment of yesterday came when I found out that she is not as innocent as she appears. After finally getting around to reading her Wikipedia page I saw this controversy section. Marie Digby is not a grassroots folk singer, she is not a diamond in the rough and tumble webscape, while she is definitely still talented, and definitely still smoking hot, she is also a SIGNED artist. And not just signed, but signed with DISNEY. Signed under the same Hollywood Records label that manages the likes of Hilary Duff, The Plain White Ts and so many more...

This Wall Street Journal article lays it all out. It's not that Marie actually lied to anyone, she just conveniently failed to mention that she's been signed to a major record label since 2005. Or that this feigned amateur status 'might' all just be part of an elaborate online marketing campaign designed to build the framework of support for her first full album which drops into stores this coming February.

I don't deny that the girl is talented, or that shes beautiful, but I just am so pissed that I was duped by the Disney corporation. I've no doubt, six months from now, she'll be huge. Just pisses me off. Damn Disney.


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