Friday, November 09, 2007

Ryder and Nichols in Trek

Well, I know I just said I was done with posts on the casting announcements for the upcoming Star Trek film, but when the news is this pretty I just had to mention it. From Variety this morning comes word that none other than Winona Ryder has been cast as Amanda Grayson, Spock mother. If you'll recall, Spock is actually a mudblood, with a Vulcan dad, and a human mother. As far as I know there has been no word on who will play the infamous Sarek. This is still pretty cool though, especially considering the part will probably be pretty small. And I have to wonder, is it a flashback maybe? I mean Ryder as Quinto's mom? Do those ages really work?

And the other piece of hot casting is for the character Janice Rand, who you might not remember, but let me assure you, is definitely a vital piece of the big picture. While at first glance the character may appear to be the standard redshirt (er red-skirt) but she was a staple of the early episodes of Trek. She was the token hot girl on many an away mission and while not remembered as well, technically had a bigger role in the series than most of the bridge crew for quite a while. The character was written out of the series halfway through the first season. And while this casting tidbit comes from AICN, by their own account it should still be considered a rumor. Word is that Alias super-spy Rachel Nichols will play the role. Nice.



Anonymous said...

btw.... how in the hell is Spock going to end up there? Isn't he somewhat to old to play himself? Or is there going to be more time travel again... in a universe where they conveniently forget how to time travel all the bloody time.. sigh...

Chappy said...

Bernard, I'm not sure I understand you; or maybe you're not understanding things.

there are two actors playing Spock. One, the old one will be played by Leonard Nimoy, presumably at a later stage in his life. Probably post ST: TOS.

The younger Spock is being played By Zachary Quinto (currently playing Sylar on Heroes) he will be playing Spock for the vast majority of the film.

As far as I understand it the Nimoy part is basically a cameo. Maybe a framework. Like it starts with Nimoy saying "I remember back in the day..."

I don't think there is any time travel.

Chappy said...

Speaking of which, the first images of Quinto in his Spock makeup have just landed online. Check em out HERE.

Anonymous said...

ahh v. good...that's much better.