Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Kring apologizes

Well this is not something I was ever expecting to hear. Tim Kring actually did an interview with Entertainment Weekly where he apologizes outright to the fans for the problems with Heroes this season. I can't remember really ever seeing a show creator be so frank about their series while its still in production. Extremely unusual but very appreciated. Check out the interview over at

In the interview he addresses the issue of pacing, which I know I for one have mentioned here before, the lame introduction of new characters, Hiro's looooong ancient Japan story, and even the Smallville-esque love story with Claire and West. Very enlightening for us fans, and a extremely direct article. I appreciate his point too. He is publicly acknowledging the mistakes made so far this season, and while the protracted nature of this year due to the writers strike will abort attempts to right things immediately, Kring plans to "clean house" on his December 3rd episode and start fresh with season 3. Once again check out the article here.

Oh, and yesterday while posting about the strike I mentioned that it was reported that Tim Kring had not completed writing that final scene that would turn the December 3rd episode from a chapter finale into a season finale. Well, apparently that report was erroneous. AICN followed up the rumor with clarification direct from Kring's mouth on the picket line. "the audience won't be left in the lurch."

Finally if you're looking for some inside scoop on Heroes, check out this very mildly spoiler filled TV Guide interview with Kring on this season of Heroes and beyond.

I really feel better about all things Heroes after hearing this stuff. Also, despite the slow start, Monday night's episode was pretty damn cool. The reveal of Adam at the end was totally unexpected and my jaw just dropped. Good stuff. Too bad they won't get to continue the season immediately.


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