Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Justice League lives again

With the writers strike over Warner Brothers have apparently decided to reconnect the seemingly firmly unplugged Justice League movie. Rumor has been swirling since the strike ended that the WB planned to start up production again on this project but today Variety confirmed that there is a plan in effect now to get Justice League in theaters sometime in 2009.

The actors have been advised to continue training for their roles, and director George Miller is still prepping in Australia, despite recent rumors that production may be moving to Canada. The script is apparently being polished, and I think the time being taken is a good thing. Oh don't get me wrong I still think this is a very bad idea; but if its going to be done, at least they should try to do it right. Speaking of which there have been some in my opinion, rather mean spirited rumors that the film would get going now WITHOUT the characters of Superman or Batman appearing, but those are unconfirmed and I think rather ridiculous; those are marquee characters and it simply wouldn't be JLA without them. Speaking of which AICN reports that big bad ass looking actor Hugh Keays-Byrne has been cast as the Martian Manhunter in the film. Also it's been mentioned that the title of the film may have been changed to "Justice League: Mortal". ummm... okay. I suppose there is the whole thing about how the Justice League of America might not play so well around the world, but isn't that kind of like hiding who these characters are a bit, I mean that's what the comic is, why should it be different in the film.

Anyhow, I can't say I'm super stoked about this news, but at least they can now take their time to try to make it right. And I know I will be excited to see these characters on screen. Just for now I have to wonder if it wouldn't be better to just let this lie for a bit. I mean Warner's is like 10 years late to the comic book film bandwagon already (totally absurd considering they own DC comics) so why not wait another year or two. Personally I'd be all for a solo Wonder Woman, solo Flash, and solo Green Lantern movie (well maybe with a few other Lanterns so not technically solo) instead of a rushed Justice League film. Sigh... I just hope they get Aquaman right ;)

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