Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lost is back, sweet

I just wanted to mention how great I think it is that Lost is back in action now. This show is seriously one of the best pieces of television ever. The first two episodes this season have been great. I think we need another two or three more to get a real sense of where this season is going, or would be if not for the strike interruption, but I like the way were just being thrown into it.

The Hurley flash forward in the premiere was excellently handled, only now I'm left stumped as to who might be the other members of the Oceanic Six... I'd guess one is the man Kate had to get back to in the season 3 finale, and another is probably the dead man in the coffin, but who is the other one. My guess, is that its Sawyer, waiting for Kate back home, and Ben in the coffin. I also think that the flash forwards are not the end of the series. My theory is that at least the final full season will take place back on the island, only after the flash forwards... exactly.

Logistically speaking only 8 episodes of Lost were made before the strike hit. All 8 episodes are scheduled to air weekly until they are finished for this season. With the strike looking to end now, the fate of the show to come for this season, is still up in the air. Most likely, the 8 produced episodes will suffice until at least the Fall, but who knows what ABC has up their sleeve.

As a mini spoiler, if you're interested in knowing who will star in the flash forward/back for the 8th and final episode of this contracted season, just highlight ahead to read that it is all about Michael.

Finally, remember to fly Oceanic Air.

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