Thursday, February 14, 2008

Clone Wars update

Well it appears that the Star Wars: Clone Wars rumors are true, the first three episodes of the new tv series will be cobbled together for a theatrical movie to be released nationwide on August 15th, followed by some international theatrical releases later in September. The series proper though, will debut on Cartoon Network here in the States this Fall. I have to say,what I've seen looks great. Just check out some of these screenshots that they've been releasing for the new show. Care of AICN, it's a really interesting and stylized look.

I know by now, you've all seen the trailer for the series, but I really want to recommend you head over to and have a look at the behind the scenes "Introducing the Clone Wars" video. It's great, and really gives a perspective on the new series.

This is going to be very very cool I think :)

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