Saturday, February 16, 2008

Street Kings trailer

Keanu and Common? Together at last... Street Kings is exactly what I've been waiting for ;) Check out the trailer.

A part of me is just appalled by this film which looks only slightly better than Bad Boys II. But another part of me thinks that hey, you never know... I mean as they point out in the trailer it's directed by the writer of Training Day... that's good, right?

No seriously, this film really might be what Keanu needs for his career at this point, a gritty cop drama. But I think what would be really the smartest move for him, would've been to take on the role of the outright villain. That said, this role seems like it might be a decent compromise. Still the star, but a little bit bad. We'll have to see what becomes of Street Kings when it comes out on April 11th.


Anonymous said...

Here's a better and much longer trailer on the International Street Kings Official website. Check it out!

Chappy said...

Wow, your completely right. This other trailer is honestly pretty cool, and definitely makes way more sense. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...
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