Monday, February 18, 2008

Wolverine update

I may have fallen a few short days behind on the blog lately, but that just means that when I do post you guys'll get all the really fun goodies, right away. Like here with Wolverine. Last week, The USA Today showed us the first picture of Jackman as Wolverine for the upcoming, X-Men Origins: Wolverine film, and frankly, its pretty boss.

Very nice. Look's like he's about half a second away from busting outta that cage.

And as for casting, well there have been a flurry of announcements. I know quite a while ago I told you that Liev Schreiber will be in the film. Well, that's still true, but not in the role I originally thought. Schreiber will play Victor Creed /Sabertooth, only a younger more dashing version of Sabertooth, than we saw in X-Men. After all, this is the story of Wolverine, and his entanglement with Weapon X... oh I just have my fingers crossed for an Alpha Flight reference.

Schreiber is joined now by 30 Days of Night star, Danny Huston. He was the scary bad guy. no, not the one with the blood beard, the main bad guy. Anyhow, he will be playing the role I had thought Schrieber was up for; that of William Stryker. If you'll remember X-Men 2, he was the manipulating bastard that was played so brilliantly by Brian Cox. According to IESB Stryker is joined on screen by longtime Wolverine love interest Silver Fox, to be played by Maggie Q. I don't know a ton about her character, other than she has some sort of SHIELD connection, and had an almost fatal run in with Sabertooth at one point, but whatever the case I'm sure she'll make a great addition to the cast.

That's not all though, the rumors they are a flying. The film will reportedly have a number of great fun cameos by characters we've all been wanting to see. One of which, who I frankly thought should've been in the first X-Men film, is now reported to be making an appearance. The Blob. A truly great, often underrated character, just seeing this HUGE guy on screen should be a great show. Secondly and more importantly, as it might itself lead to another spin-off film, Deadpool is now rumored to be making an appearance. And who might be said to play 'the merc with the mouth'? None other than the once upon a Flash, Mr. Ryan Reynolds...

And even literally as I type this I just saw some more news, hot off the presses at Superherohype, everyone's favorite drunken Friday Night Lights star Taylor Kitsch will be playing none other than longtime X-favorite Gambit in the film. wow, now thats a great role. This film really is chock full of cameos...

And who knows what else is to come from this film? Might I really get my Alpha Flight dream? We can only guess, but since Wolverine is well into production in Australia now, we'll have to keep our eyes peeled, more goodies should definitely be on the way.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is set to come out May 1st, 2009.

UPDATE 02/20 - One more cast addition in the day following this post. Black Eyed Peas front man has joined the Weapon X program as John Wraith, aka Kestrel, a classic character and the team's teleporter. Oh, and if that wasn't good enough, 20th Century FOX has confirmed all of these casting choices. So now we're set. Can't wait to see how this turns out.

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