Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spidey musical cast

Just a quick note on this topic. It seems like the Spider-Man musical is moving forward swimmingly, as the rumors leaking out of director Julie's Taymor's camp say that the roles of Mary Jane Watson and Peter parker have been cast, and the actors are working their way throuhg rehearsals now.

And the role have reportedly gone to two adorable actors. Peter Parker is said to be played by Jim Sturgess, a British actor best known for playing the lead, Jude, in Across the Universe. Reportedly his American accent is spot on. The female lead though, that of Mary Jane, is said to being played by Sturgess' Across the Universe co-star, and famed Marilyn Manson girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood.

Hopefully, well probably, this will make it to Broadway, because if it camn do that, then it can make it out here to San Francisco, and you know I will be there in a heartbeat. Remember, all music and lyrics are being written by U2's, Bono and The Edge. Can anyone say rock-opera time.... exactly.

Could this be better than the Tommy musical, which I saw 3 times? Maybe... just maybe.

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