Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Silver Surfer coming... one day

FINALLY we have some more news on the Silver Surfer film. A year or so ago Marvel was touting the Surfer as one of its projects on the horizon; maybe not for immediate action, but something that they were going to address eventually. But since then they haven't mentioned him at all. The last news we heard was in June after FF2 came out, that Marvel had hired the ever amazing writer J Michael Straczynski to write a screenplay for the proposed prequel film. Well at Wondercon this past week Straczynski had an hour long panel all to himself and he briefly touched on his work on the film.

According to this report from Newsarama he has finished the screenplay and turned it in to FOX. Specifically regarding the content of the film, Newsarama reports "it will cover the origin of the character. He said it will feature Galactus, noting that the latest Fantastic Four film held off on showing Galactus to reveal him for this film. "

Nice. I'm glad they at least have a script now. And the note that Galactus will finally be explained on film. Revealed to be... hopefully more than just the cloud of smoke we saw in Fantastic Four. It all sounds good. With Marvel's plans to release one film in '09, and then 2 a year each year following that I think it might be a little while before the Surfer hits our screens; I just hope its not too long. This is just speculation here, but 2011, or 2012 seem likely candidates for a timeframe.

More on this as it develops...

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