Saturday, February 16, 2008

Worthington on Terminator

According to reports, actor Sam Worthington, once rumored to be up for the roles of both James Bond, then Duke in G.I. Joe, and currently slaving away for James Cameron on the set of Avatar, has been cast as the lead in the new Terminator film.

Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins as we know takes place after the war with the machines has been raging for a while, and is set to be a trilogy of films that will tell the story of the resistance, and, one presumes, the ultimate victory of humankind. But as I mentioned here before, the lead role, the central figure in the films, and especially this first film, will not be John Connor, now confirmed to being played by Christian Bale. The film will follow resistance soldier Marcus, about whom details are still sketchy. But reportedly might be some kind of former convict, and will definitely be pretty badass.

Whatever or whoever he is, I think that's pretty good news. It's funny when people like this Worthington guy get 'famous' in the industry before anyone really knows who they are. But to go from James Cameron to The Terminator is a pretty sure sign his star is on the rise.


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