Sunday, February 10, 2008

Zombie on Conan... maybe

Well, at first it seemed a bit odd, but people seemed more or less accepting. Then it sounded like maybe the man had just made up a little internet rumor in order to get his name out there, but now it looks like word has indeed come down that Rob Zombie is legitimately in the running for the directors chair on the new Conan film.

We all know he's fond of remakes after seeing what he did with Halloween, and regardless of his stock and trade for the horror genre, I actually think he might be a really great choice for the Conan film. If there's one thing the new and revamped Conan film needs its a bit of gore to keep it fresh; something the Schwarzenegger flicks never really managed.

Although, whether it was him starting the rumor or not, he has not been offered the job quite yet. According to IGN, Zombie joins fellow directors Xavier Gens of Hitman fame, Neil Marshall of The Descent, and possibly more on the shortlist of possibilities. We'll just have to wait and see what becomes of this as we move forward but for my money, thinking about all of these directors, I actually think Zombie might be the best for the role. It would definitely be a ballsy move, but I say Conan needs something visceral to get it going strong with a new generation of fans.

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