Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bumblebee 2.0 and that possible Arcee

Coming at us strong from the set of Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen. (the 2 was dropped last week) check out the new and imporved Bumblebee. He's been revamped as a 2010 Corvette Concept Z28. I know basically nothing about cars, but it sure looks pretty sick.

Falling squarely into the rumor catagory, the Transformers 2 Movie Blog snagged an exclusive on six custom motorbikes that are supposedly being make for the movie. As its all the same bike I suppose that mean they are doubles. The bike in question will reportedly end up being Arcee, the lone female fighter of the Autobots. While she could kick ass with the best of them, she really always had that Smurfette quality to her. Check out the pic below of the suspect, and see the Movies Blog for more on this rumor.

My only thought: they'd better make sure she's pink.

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