Saturday, June 21, 2008

JMS on Silver Surfer and more

Last week, AMCTV got a chance to interview J Michael Straczynski, and they turned up a number of great updates on his various projects including one that you should know is very near and dear to my heart Silver Surfer.

After talking about how the studio was disappointed with Fantastic Four 2, he elaborates "The script is pretty good, I like it, but whether or not it goes into production, I have no idea.

Q: Does this pick up where Silver Surfer left off in Fantastic Four 2?

A: I was writing it as FF2 was about to come out, and the theory was for it to pick up literally the next frame after the FF2 movie, where you find out why Silver Surfer was there and what happened to him. We would have seen Galactus, his home world, what happened and him trying to get back there, because now that he's betrayed Galactus, he's concerned his home world might be in jeopardy.

Q: When do you mean when you say,"We see Galactus"?

Q: In the script I come up with some ways to visualize him that are true to the original, but take it one step further using the current CGI technology that we have. So we would have seen him as a character on numerous occasions in the second movie, not inconsistent with the first distant shot of him in that that's just a way of concealing who and what he really is. Believe me, he would be not at all silly looking. "

is just the kind of writer that could bring it to life. I love the fact that it would pick up directly from where FF left us. And I think everyone agrees that another more fleshed out take on Wow, well that all sounds great to me. I would LOVE to see this movie get made, and Straczynski's take on Galactus would be a very good thing. I know Marvel has their whole plan in motion, but hey, maybe if the Iron Man 2 film gets pushed back something like Silver Surfer could jump in to take the place. At least that's my dream :)

Interestingly, JMS is working on a lot of cool projects though and he briefly mentioned a few others.

When asked about the World War Z script he was asked to write, refresh your memory here, he explained how it is a political thriller zombie movie that was definitely hard to adapt. "it's really sort of an investigation -- as the book is accomplished after the fact, the main character is a person working with the UN after the zombie wars, going around to see what went wrong, what was not known and who didn't connect the dots. In a way it's looking at the Katrina situation, it's not that far away from the Iraq Study Group Report, and everyone wants to cooperate to find out what went wrong."

Finally on the classic pulp sci fi series Lensman, which he is adapting he really got excited because he was always such a big fan, saying "we're going to look at this as something with the effects level of the Star Wars movies, and the seriousness of Blade Runner. And it's going to be hopefully three movies. The first one will be more or less self-contained, but will open up the ending for the possible sequels, and it's pretty exciting. I think they're probably looking for the first one in 2010."

All good stuff from Straczynski; his candor is appreciated. As is AMCTV for asking such good questions. I'm looking forward to all of these films, I just hope they really get made.

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